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Lilford Park Surgery and Pennington Park Surgery- proposed merger

Date: From 1st March 2021 – 14th April 2021


Lilford Park Surgery and Pennington Park Surgery are currently separate practices. Although separate, the practices have been managed by the same team for years. Dr A & S Weerasekara’s are contract holders for both Lilford Park Surgery (11 years) and Pennington Park Surgery (3 years). We have well established management and clinical structures in place across both practices. We now want to apply to merge the two practices into one bigger practice.

We want to ensure that both practices are sustainable for the future. We currently have to duplicate many back office tasks, such as HR, finance, and we pay and maintain two separate clinical systems. Merging the practices will enable us to do things once. By using our time and resources in the most efficient way we will be able to put more back into patient services. This change will enable us to offer more appointments, minor surgery appointments and we will be able to do more GP training.

As a patient you may not notice much difference. Both practices will remain open and you will still see the same friendly faces when you come in.

We’d expect you to feel the benefit of us being able to offer more appointments, minor surgery and generally being able to respond to online requests quicker. Once merged you would also have the flexibility to attend either Lilford Park Surgery or Pennington Park Surgery.

Through February and April 2021 we are engaging with patients to gather feedback on the proposed merger. We want to know what patients think and if they have any concerns or questions.

Who should get involved?

We want to hear from any patients registered with Lilford Park Surgery or Pennington Park Surgery to hear what you think.

How to get involved?

There are a couple of ways you can get involved:

  1. Complete a survey

You can pick a survey up from reception, or online

  1. Attend a drop in session

Take part in one of our online drop in sessions on Microsoft Teams

Wednesday 10th March 2021, 11am – 12noon, Click here to join.


Monday 22nd March 2021, 4pm – 5pm, Click here to join.

You can also ask to speak to a member of the practice management team at any time.

Next Steps:

Once we complete the engagement work we will review all the feedback and produce a report.

An application to merge the practices would then be sent to NHS Wigan Borough CCGs Primary Care Committee. This is the group that makes decisions on local GP services.

Patients will be kept up to date.