Patient Survey Action Plan 2016

Posted on September 19, 2016

Lilford Park Surgery 

Patient Survey Action Plan 2016

In March 2016 the members of the practice Patient Representative Group (PRG) met to discuss the plans for this year’s
patient survey. We looked at the survey and felt that is was asking the correct areas that we wanted feedback for and also gave the option for patient to give feedback in the areas that are not documented on the questionnaire. We decided to also keep the questionnaire the same as previous years so that we can assess what’s changed within the survey over time.

In March 2016 practice survey was made available to all patients attending the surgery for appointments and picking up
prescriptions. It was also uploaded to the practice website for people to print off and send in to the practice with the idea that we could reach a larger section of the practice population so that we can get a better general overview of peoples responses to the that Lilford Park Surgery provide and areas in which patients feel that we could improve on. We were please that over 100 patients took the time to complete the survey for the practice and their views were collated in to a summary report.

The results from this practice survey were collated and summerised and can be viewed in the summary report. A copy of the summary report can be found on the practice website and on the PRG notice board in the main waiting area of the surgery.


The practice team and the PPG Group we happy with the positive feedback from the patient survey in which the patients
overall stated that they we happy with the services provided and the care that they have received in the practice and also again with the “open morning surgery” system. Some of the positive feedback comments that the practice received are:

  • Superb  staff at the reception, everyone is very helpful including the nurse and  GPs are fantastic.
  • Staff are  very friendly. Love the morning surgery, very flexible with afternoon surgeries.
  • Dan the  ANP is very good. Excellent manner and a good listener. I wouldn’t see anyone else.
  • Even though you have to wait, the open morning surgery is great!
  • Very pleasant and helpful staff.
  • Dan Swift is excellent, really listened  and understood and took action.
  • I love this surgery; I really like how you can just see a doctor any day without an appointment. My friends and family are always complaining that they can never get appointments to see their GP. We are very lucky here.
  • Really good surgery
  • Receptionists are so helpful! I tried parking twice on the car park to get my prescription but had no luck so I rang the surgery and the lady on the phone offered to take it down to the chemist for me! Such a great help!
  • Excellent service for people with children.
  • I love the open morning surgery, its very suitable for my life style. Also the late night surgery works with my husband who works long hours.
  • Receptionists are really friendly.
  • The open morning surgery is wonderful.

The practice and patient representative group also took this opportunity to reflect on the areas that patients felt we
could improve our services we provide to identify target areas based on the comments that were raised. A selection of the comments for areas of improvement as submitted by the patients are:

  • I like both doctors and the staff are very friendly and polite.      Just the parking is horrendous.
  • Car park is bad
  • The over 60’s should be seen in the surgery for bloods for      health checks
  • Finding it very hard to park recently, I had to cancel my babies immunizations as I was going around the car park for 15 minutes.
  • Need more appointments in the afternoons.
  • The car park is always full on a mornings.
  • Parking is bad
  • Just sometimes the waiting time in the open morning surgery is long.
  • The car park is a nightmare. People on social media recommend parking there and going to the hospital to save car park fees. Please re-instate the barrier as soon as possible.
  • Car park is a nightmare to get parked on since the problems with the barrier.
  • I can never get parked due to the barrier being broken as I have had to pay. Something should be done!
  • I had to walk half way from Leigh town center because the surgery car park was full. As a growing surgery and hospital the car parking should be better.

The Patient Representative group discussed these areas that it was felt there may be area for improvement for the practice
and an action plan was agreed.


Lilford Park Surgery

 Action Plan


Item Discussion


Parking / Car Park The main area   for complaint in this year’s patient survey was the practice car park and
lack of spaces. It was   discussed that the main reason for this situation worsening is because the   barrier paying station had been stolen and so they have had to raise the   barrier as there is no means of which patients who should pay can.

The practice   state that even though they were re-directing patient complaints to the community reception and emailing them to ask for resolution of the situation it was something that the building were not prioritizing.

It was discussed with the group that social media was also having a negative impact   on the parking situation as it is being discussed on local forums re hospital  patients being able to park free at the health center which creates an overcrowding situation on an already busy car park.


  • The PPG decided that they would form a petition regarding the parking and the re-instating of the practice barrier to be put in
    reception for patients to sign.
  • On completion of the petition this would then be sent with a letter requesting the expedition of the re-installation of the barrier by the members of the PPG.
  • PPG member (AT) is also going to speak to the local counsellors to discuss the matter and how the funding to re-install the       barrier and its paying station is having a negative impact on the practice population to see if there is anything that they can implement.
Waiting times / open surgeries





  • The positive points of the morning “open surgeries” that patients that become acutely ill know that they can be seen either that day or the following day in the morning surgery.
  • Patients with children felt that the morning “open” surgery system is invaluable.
  • While morning surgeries can be busy it is something that people are and have always been aware of as this system is something that has always been in place historically for the past 20+ years
  • It was discussed that if the surgery went to a whole appointments system the amount of patients that can be seen overall would in fact decrease and in turn there would be a longer wait for       appointments that would not benefit acutely ill patients and have an       overall negative effect on the patient care.
  • The practice is currently implementing a PCT lead “Winter Pressures” extended service. This entails and additional clinic every Monday from 12.00 noon to 2.00pm for appointments to relive the busy winter period so that patients aren’t waiting in the morning surgery as long.
  • Reception staff to inform patient when booking in to the  “open” morning surgeries the approximate time that they are expected to be seen in relation to the amount of people that are already booked on to the clinic.
  • The practice are in the process of re-evaluating the afternoon surgeries and hoping to provide additional afternoon
    appointments with the expansion of the practice team.
Health Check and Blood Tests for over 60s It was discussed that even though this   was highlighted by a patient in the practice survey, this service is actually available at the practice.

All patients on a chronic disease register, over 60 or eligible for the “find and treat programme are invited to attend the practice annually for a review. We also run well man/ women clinics if patient do not fall in any of this categories but wish to be reviewed can still have an appointment.

It was discussed regarding the phlebotomy  service. The practice do not currently do this at present as in previous years as the practice found that many of the nurse / HCA  appointments for the blood tests were being DNA’s and so wasting valuable clinical time especially as we have the phlebotomy clinic running throughout the day in Leigh Infirmary.

  • The practice plan to review this request through the year and see if the need for phlebotomy clinics is needed and if so re-instate a clinic