Patient Survey 2016

Posted on September 19, 2016

Lilford Park Surgery

Patient Questionnaire Results Summary 2016


Below is a summary of the practice patient questionnaire that was completed by a
random section of patients between January and March 2016.


  Poor Fair Good
How easy is it to see the doctor of your
0% 6 % 8% 20% 66%
Satisfaction with the day and time
arranged for your appointment
0% 5% 8% 23% 64%
Which Surgery were you seen in? Morning Open Surgery


Afternoon Booked Appointments


Clinical Care

  Poor Fair Good
In your experience, how do you rate the
clinical care you have received?
1% 4% 11% 17% 67%
Did you feel the GP dealt with your
problem in a satisfactory manner
2% 2% 11% 18% 67%



  Poor Fair Good
Length of time waiting to be seen for
your appointment
4% 9% 20% 18% 49%

Telephone Access

  Poor Fair Good
Ability to get through to the practice


2% 4% 11% 32% 51%
Ability to speak to a clinician for
0% 3% 12% 23% 62%

Opening Times

  Poor Fair Good
How do you rate the hours that the
practice is open for appointments?
0% 3% 12% 19% 66%
Satisfaction with our late night
appointments (Tuesday s 6.30pm to 8pm)?
1% 0% 7% 29% 63%

Waiting Room

  Poor Fair Good
How do you rate the waiting area
provision?  Please indicate for each of the
following areas.
  • Seating Area
0% 2% 13% 22% 63%
  • Information Boards
5% 12% 13% 27% 43%
  • Cleanliness
0% 1% 9% 29% 61%



  Poor Fair Good
How do you rate the parking facilities
available for the practice?


31% 25% 16% 7% 21%


About the staff

  Poor Fair Good
The manner in which you were treated by
the reception staff?
0% 0% 3% 22% 75%
Respect shown for your privacy and
0% 3% 9% 15% 73%

Patient information

  Poor Fair Good
How well do you feel you are informed
about the practices services and provisions?
1% 6% 9% 17% 67%

Customer Services

  Poor Fair Good
Satisfaction with the practice as a
1% 3% 7% 18% 71%

Any other comments

  • Superb staff at the reception, everyone is very helpful
    including the nurse and GPs are fantastic.
  • Staff are very friendly. Love the morning surgery, very flexible
    with afternoon surgeries.
  • Dan the ANP is very good. Excellent manner and a good listener.
    I wouldn’t see anyone else.
  • I like both doctors and the staff are very friendly and polite.
    Just the parking is horrendous.
  • Car park is bad
  • Even though you have to wait, the open morning surgery is
  • The over 60’s should be seen in the surgery for bloods for
    health checks.
  • Very pleasant and helpful staff
  • Dan Swift is excellent, really listened  and understood and took action.
  • Finding it very hard to park recently, I had to cancel my
    babies immunizations as I was going around the car park for 15 minutes.
  • Need more appointments in the afternoons.
  • The car park is always full on a mornings.
  • I love this surgery, I really like how you can just see a
    doctor any day without an appointment. My friends and family are always
    complaining that they can never get appointments to see their GP. We are
    very lucky here.
  • Really good surgery
  • Receptionists are so helpful! I tried parking twice on the car park to get my prescription but had no luck so I rang the surgery and the lady on the phone offered to take it down to the chemist for me! Such a great help!
  • Excellent service for people with children.
  • Superb surgery with two incredible doctors (Dr Weerasekara and
    Dr Deshpande)
  • Parking is bad
  • Just sometimes the waiting time in the open morning surgery is
  • The car park is a nightmare. People on social media recommend
    parking there and going to the hospital to save car park fees. Please
    re-instate the barrier as soon as possible.
  • I love the open morning surgery, its very suitable for my life
    style. Also the late night surgery works with my husband who works long
  • Car park is a nightmare to get parked on since the problems
    with the barrier.
  • Receptionists are really friendly.
  • The open morning surgery is wonderful.
  • I can never get parked due to the barrier being broken as I
    have had to pay. Something should be done!
  • Very good
  • I had to walk half way from Leigh town centre because the
    surgery car park was full. As a growing surgery and hospital the car parking
    should be better.
  • Doctors are very good. Reception staff are helpful as my
    husband isn’t very mobile and they assist us when we attend the surgery
    and for prescriptions.
  • It is not as good as it was years ago.
  • The staff are fantastic.
  • Most important that the surgery keeps the “open mornings
    surgeries!” other surgeries over the country should follow their example!!
  • Parking is a disgrace.
  • I think waiting for an appointment for 50 minutes is a disgrace
    in the open morning surgery with nothing to keep the children entertained.



The Following Questions provided us only with general information about the range
of people who have responded to this survey. No one at the practice was identifiable by their results.


Are You                                MALE = 46%
FEMALE =  54%      

How many years have you been registered at the practice ?

Less  than 5yrs = 21%

5-10yrs=     23%

More  than 10 yrs = 56%


Patient information: the practice now has a Patient Participation Group (PPG). If you wouldlike further information on the group or you would like to join please ask at reception.