GDPR and Patient Access

How we use your medical records

Important information for patients

• This practice handles medical records in-line with laws on data protection and confidentiality.

• We share medical records with those who are involved in providing you with care and treatment.

• In some circumstances we will also share medical records for medical research, for example to find out more about why people get ill.

• We share information when the law requires us to do so, for example, to prevent infectious diseases from spreading or to check the care being provided to you is safe.

• You have the right to be given a copy of your medical record.

• You have the right to object to your medical records being shared with those who provide you with care.

• You have the right to object to your information being used for medical research and to plan health services.

• You have the right to have any mistakes corrected and to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Please see the practice privacy notice on the website or speak to a member of staff for more information about your rights.

• For more information ask at reception for a copy of the practice privacy notice or see the link below:


Patient Online Access

Did you know the practrice offers online access to repeat prescriptions, appointment booking services  and summerised patient records with Patient Access?

We have now introduced a new service called Patient Online Access, for all of our patients aged 16 and over. This will be a new repeat prescription service which will (once you have registered) give you all your repeat medications when you log on, and all you will need to do is tick the box next to the items you require.

You can also now book routine appointments with the doctor online with Patient Access. To get access to this service you will need to register, once that process is complete you will be able to book and cancel appointments online. This service will only be available for routine appointments for the doctors and nurse and not the morning “open surgery system”. The option of booking by phone or in person will of course continue.


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